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We are here to give you practical financial education and the support and guidance to get to the next level financially. Through our comprehensive programming and events, we empower investors to cultivate the mindset, routines, and expertise vital for investing success to make more money.

Invest in Global Stock Markets & Build Wealth Faster

We offer a variety of training courses to show you how to maximize your returns from investing in the global stock market.

Make More Money with Real Estate

Join Global Financial Expert, Keisha Bailey and learn the step by step blueprint to making consistent profitable investments in real estate and earn passive income. 

money is a tool - learn how to use it

Enroll in Profit Jumpstarter Academy & join Global Financial Expert, Keisha Bailey and get comprehensive financial education to making consistent profitable investments in the global stock market and real estate and meet other like-minded investors. 



All-inclusive educational platform that offers live coaching from industry experts, aiming to transition students to making more passive income achieving their desired lifestyle


Vibrant community where members can network, share knowledge, and gain insights from peers and industry leaders, enhancing the learning experience beyond the classroom.


Live Q&A sessions, providing members with direct access to experts for personalized advice, real-time feedback, and in-depth discussions on a variety of topics.


We provide affordable financial education, making it easier for individuals to access valuable resources and tools for wealth building and financial literacy.

Wealth of resources available

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The main thing I have learnt is that it does not matter if your income is large or small, you can start investing with as little as $2000-$5000 JMD. So you don't need to put it off and wait until you have a large lump sum of money. It does not matter how much you make, you can still invest a little and that you should start now rather than later. I also keep in mind that my investments should have a return percentage that is greater than the inflation rate.
C. Frith
Community Member
I learnt to pay myself first and to be consistent. So every month I send money to my broker and purchase shares. I do so when I sit down to pay my bills online.
J. Stewart
Community Member
The number one thing I've learned from Keisha Bailey is "no matter what keep investing" Dollar cost averaging using good etf companies is a good way to grow wealth as well as always research the company before investing so as to ensure good governance.
C. Thomas
Community Member


  • Step by Step Financial Education Tools & Resources: You will gain 24/7 access to online financial classes, guides, checklists, and spreadsheets that will be housed in your online library.
  • Money Mindset Training: How to fix your mindset so you can attract more money
  • Budgeting & Emergency Saving: Budgeting with abundance so you have more money to invest and how to create an emergency fund
  • Global Stock Market Investing: Great Investing Blueprint to invest globally, Fundamental research to pick the right stocks to buy, the blueprint on how to get rich from investing in the stock market, Technical Analysis to determine what price to buy and sell a stock, the ideal stocks to own for your retirement fund, best ETF’s to invest in for safety in your portfolio
  • Real Estate Investing: Strategies for Passive Income, International Real Estate Strategies
  • Business Education: How to make more money in your business, how to run a profitable business.

Meet your lead instructor:

Keisha Bailey, MBA, CFA, FRM

Keisha Bailey is the industry powerhouse behind the Profit Jumpstarter brand and its CEO. She spent 17 years making money for wealthy individuals and corporations before shifting her expertise towards training the up and coming generations of wealth builders.

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convenience of learners across the globe.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • If I am a beginner, will I be able to interact in the Profit Jumpstarter Academy and receive help?
    Absolutely! Keisha Bailey and the Profit Jumpstarter Academy team are active inside the community. This Academy serves as an immense support system as you all work together to reach your investment goals.
  • How long is my enrollment?
    Enrollment is on an annual or monthly basis depending on the plan you choose. Though we are convinced that once you’re in, you won’t want to leave, we offer a “cancel any time” policy.
  • Is there a Facebook group?
    We have created an amazing member experience using our own, private platform. At this time, we have decided to operate within this platform instead of Facebook.
  • What if I miss a session?
    No worries! All sessions are stored for you, under the Replay area of the member site. You can revisit and replay a lesson as often as you’d like.
  • Do you offer refunds for this subscription?
    All of our digital products and services are non-refundable and non-transferrable.